• We provide hand disinfectant at the entrance to all our branches, ATMs and kiosks;
  • We provide Customers and users with thermometers to measure body temperature;
  • We ensure that our facilities are cleaned thoroughly and regularly: Branches, ATMs and Kiosks;
  • All of the bank’s employees are instructed to disinfect their hands regularly, routinely clean their individual work areas and wear protective masks when serving customers;
  • To comply with the 1.5m interpersonal distance, we have established a maximum number of customers permitted to be simultaneously within each branch. The other customers are advised to wait patiently for their turn outside, respecting the recommended interpersonal distance;
  • With a view to optimising our services and branch network, we have suspended all our units from operating on Saturdays.



  • Respect a minimum interpersonal distance of 2 metres, outside and inside the branches, and in queues at ATMs and kiosks;
  • Take your body temperature before entering our branches (using the device provided);
  • Disinfect your hands before entering inside the Branches, before and after using ATMs, Kiosks and POS;
  • ALWAYS wear a mask (Remember that a visor does not replace the mask);
  • Favour the use of our digital channels (Moza Já, Moza Net, and Moza Mobile) or via telephone to carry out day-to-day banking operations or speak to your Relationship Manager. If you have not yet signed up for Digital Channels, you can do so at your nearest branch;
  • Only use branches in case of absolute necessity, especially if you belong to a high risk group (elderly people, people with chronic diseases or a weakened immune system);
  • When you cannot use digital means to make transfers, pay for services or buy top-ups, use ATMs or Kiosks, minimising personal contacts - The use of remote Channels, such as ATMs and POS should be preceded and followed by hand hygiene and disinfection;



With greater use of Remote and Digital Channels, online security precautions should be reinforced:

  • Always be on the lookout for suspicious emails or links related to updated or important information on coronavirus.
  • The bank will never request personal information by email.
  • In case of doubt, it is always safer to delete an email.


Protect yourself from COVID-19.

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