Txilling Debit Card

Txilling Debit Card

This Card gives you immediate access to Moza Jovem Account, allowing you to pay for your purchases and withdrawals in Mozambique or abroad.


  • Immediate access to your Moza Jovem Account;
  • Valid in Mozambique and abroad;
  • Valid at ATMs and POS connected to Visa or Ponto 24 symbol;
  • Convenient, modern and safe means of payment;
  • Access to Moza Banco features and services via ATM;
  • Allows immediate operations and access to the Demand Deposit account at any time;
  • It is convenient, modern and safe for national and international use;
  • Allows you to manage your day-to-day needs with complete freedom;
  • When paying for your purchases, you can round up the amount, taking advantage of it to strengthen your savings account;
  • Allows access to Moza Banco features and services via ATM;
  • It has a chip that offers greater security in transactions;
  • Benefits from Visa's global assistance service.
  • International assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in emergency situations such as loss or theft of cards, among others through contact:

In EUA or Canada:                              +1-800-847-2911

Out of EUA or Canada:                       +1-303-967-1096

Conditions of access: filling out and signing the form "Subscription of Products and Means of Payment”.