Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to open a Current Deposit Account at the Moza Banco?

It is fast and easy to open your Moza account. Visit one of our Business Units and submit your identification document (Identity Card, Passport, and DIRE- Foreigner Identification and Residence Document or Identity Card receipt) and NUIT - Tax Identification Number.

Use our map and choose the most convenient Business Unit: http://svdrswed03/pt/agencias-e-atms/.

If you need additional information, ask to be contacted by one of the Managers, fill in the form available at http://svdrswed03/pt/abertura/.


Do I need something else besides the documentation to open the Account?

Yes, you also need to have the minimum amount necessary to open the Account, which varies according to the Type of Account. Check out our Accounts at http://svdrswed03/pt/particulares/dia-a-dia/contas/ and open your Account starting at   100,00 MT.


I am a foreign resident. Can I open a Current Deposit Account with Moza Banco?

Yes. If you are a resident, besides the identification document (original or copy identified by the DIRE - Foreigner Identification and Residence Document), NUIT - Tax Identification Number and minimum amount to open the Account, you will need your Employment Contract. Is you are a non-resident, you must have your passport as identification document. 

Is it possible to open an Account in foreign currency?

Yes. We have Accounts that can be opened in different currencies besides the Metical (ZAR, USD, EUR, GBP, SEK and JPY).

Can a minor be the holder of a Bank Account?

Minors can open an Account if emancipated (by concession or marriage) or by means of a legal representative who shall perform operations until the minor reaches majority. For those under 16 years old and young people who are not emancipated, the minor must be represented by his/her father, mother or legal representative.

I want to open my company's Account at Moza Banco, which documents do I need?

Moza Banco has a vast set of solutions for your business. Visit one of our Branches or Corporate Centres and have the following documentation with you:

General documents

  • Original or authenticated copy of the License to Exercise the Activity or a License Statement (valid);
  • Tax Identification Number of the Entrepreneur;
  • Original or authenticated copy of the Company's Commercial Registration Certificate;

Self-employed Entrepreneurs

  • Original or authenticated copy of the identification document of the Entrepreneur and/or of the person authorized to sign the Account.

Public Limited Companies

  • Original or copy of the deed of Incorporation/modification of the Statutes or the Articles of Association (if any);
  • Copy of the publication of the Statutes in the Official Gazette and modifications (if any);
  • Original or copy of the Minute of the Election of the Board of Directors' members;
  • Original or copy of the Deed of Appointment of the signatories of the Account or of the Proxy that grants rights to the representatives of the Company to sign the bank Accounts;

•              Original or authenticated copy of the identification documents of the signatories authorized to perform operations.

My personal data were modified. What should I do?

Whenever your personal data are modified, you must contact your Account Manager. If a document is needed to modify the data, the modification shall be done after the receipt of the corresponding document.

Can I add or remove holders from my account at any time?

Yes, you can. To do so, you must visit one of our Business Units with the person whom you want to add or remove from your Account to sign the documents for that effect. If you wish to add new holder to the Account, these must have the needed documentation for the Account opening.

For additional information, visit one of our Business Units or contact our Call Centre Moza (82 20 20/ 84 20 20 20/ +258 21 342020 – international).


How to request a Card with Moza Banco?

The subscription to Moza Cards can be done at any of our Business Units or via Internet Banking. Find out the best card for you at http://svdrswed03/pt/particulares/cartoes/.

How do I activate a Moza Card?

The Card can be activated at any of our Business Units.

Is it possible to have a Debit Card as soon as I open my Current Account with Moza.

Yes, it is possible. The Moza Non-personalized Debit Card is a Card available for immediate delivery if requested by the Customer. Thus, you will have immediate access to your Current Account.

I forgot my PIN (Personal Identification Number) code, what do I do?

If you don't remember your PIN code, you must request the cancellation and replacement of the Card at one of our Business Units. 
In order to avoid these situations, we recommend that after receiving your Card, you go to an ATM and change the PIN code that is provided when the card is delivered with a code that you can easily remember and that is secret and safe.

What do I do when a purchase with the Debit Card is debited twice ?

If the purchase has not been annulled by the seller, as it happens frequently, you must communicate the transaction duplication to the Moza Bank for the money to be returned.  This communication must be done via one of our Business Units.

What do I do when I do not recognize a transaction performed with the Card?

You must communicate the situation to the Moza Banco as soon as possible via one of our Business Units.

I withdrew cash with my card at the ATM but I did not get the total amount. How do I proceed?

If the amount is not correct, you must inform Moza Banco in detail by filling in a claim form for that specific purpose and which is available at our Business Units. You must inform the location of the ATM, the date and time of the withdrawal and the amount lacking.

How do I proceed in case of card theft, loss or forgery?

You must cancel your Card immediately by contacting a Business Units or our Moza Call Centre (82 20 20/ 84 20 20 20/ +258 21 342020 – international).

Are there daily limits to perform operations with Debit cards?

Yes, usually there are limits. The limits can vary from Card to Card, type of transaction and they can be different if performed in Mozambique or abroad. For additional information, visit one of our Business Units.

Can I use my Card abroad?

Yes. Moza Cards are a valid method of payment in the national territory and abroad. They can be used at ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) and POS (Points of Sale) identified with the Visa or Ponto 24 symbols.

Which is the currency of debit transactions performed abroad?

The operation amount in foreign currency is converted to American Dollars and subsequently in Meticais, in accordance to the exchange calculation table used by Visa the date of the payment of the said transactions by Moza Banco.

Which is the difference between a Debit and a Credit Card?

The Debit Card is a method of payment of the type "buy now, pay now" and it is linked to the Current Deposit Account and the amounts used are promptly debited from the Account. The Credit Card is of the type "buy now, pay later" and it is linked to a Card Account and as such it allows using the Card up to the authorized credit limit (ceiling).

Is it possible to change the payment method of a Credit Card?

Yes. The payment method of the Credit Card can be changed at any of our Business Units or via Internet Banking.

How to avoid a Credit Card from being in default?

Irrespective of the Card payment method, the payment of minimum amount (as indicated in the monthly extract) avoids the Card from being in default.

Which operations can I perform with Cheques?

A Cheque is a 'payment on demand' order that allows moving funds. This payment order is issued by someone (issuer or drawer) against a Bank that will pay a specific amount to a third party (beneficiary or taker).

How can I order Cheques at Moza Banco?

Moza offers a wide variety of Cheques for Individuals and Companies. To obtain your cheques, visit one of our Business Units or use Internet Banking or Moza Mobile (Main Menu -> Requisitions -> Cheques Requisition).

What types of cheques are there?
  • Order Cheque - Cheque in which the name of the beneficiary is indicated;
  • Bearer Cheque - Cheque in which the name of the beneficiary is not indicated. Please note that a Bearer Cheque will be paid to anyone who submits it to the Bank, so we recommend that you fill it in with the name of the beneficiary;
  • Crossed Cheque - Chequecrossed by means of two parallel and oblique lines, usually located on the left upper corner which indicate that the cheque must be deposited. If nothing is written between these two lines, the Cheque must mandatorily be deposited (General crossing), except if the beneficiary is a Customer of the Bank which issued the Cheque and can therefore be withdrawn at that Bank Counter;
  • Bank Cheque - Chequeissued by the Bank on an account of that same bank in favour of a third party at request of its own Customer. Payment is always guaranteed. The Bank Cheque is mandatorily an order cheque; it can never be a bearer cheque;

Certified Cheque - Cheque with a stamp from the Bank that certifies that the Account has sufficient funds to pay the Cheque. The Cheque's amount is retained in the account of the person who wrote the cheque.

Can I prevent the cheque's endorsement?

Yes. If the Cheque contains the expression "not to the order of" where the name of the person to whom the cheque is written to is supposed to be (before or after).

What should I do in case of theft or loss of Cheques?

In case of theft or loss of Cheques, the Customer must promptly communicate the disappearance and/or destruction of the cheques.

The Customer uses the Cheques only on a loan basis; he or she is responsible for the safety and correct use of the cheques.

How to proceed when a Cheque is returned due to lack of funds in the Account (insufficient funds)?

In case of Cheques being returned due to insufficient funds, the situation must be regularized within 10 days. The Cheque is considered regularized when one of the following conditions has been fulfilled:

  • The cheque is resubmitted within 10 days and it is paid;
  • The cheque's issuer exhibits a proof that he has paid the amount to the bearer ;
  • The Cheque's issuer has deposited the necessary funds in the Account and allocated those funds to the payment of that cheque for a period of 30 days.

For additional information, visit one of our Business Units or contact our Moza Call Centre (82 20 20/ 84 20 20 20/ +258 21 342020 – international).

What is a Cheque's endorsement?

By means of Endorsement, all the rights from the initial beneficiary over the Cheque are transferred to someone else, i.e. the Cheque is transferred to a different person who becomes the beneficiary.

What is Moza Net?

It is a free electronic banking channel that allows you to perform different checking and financial operations via a safe Bank page.

Which are the opening hours of Moza Net?

This service is available at any hour of the day, from any place; all you need is to access the Internet.

How can I subscribe Moza Net?

To access this Service, visit one of our Business Units and fill in the corresponding registration form.

How do I access Moza Net?

After requesting your subscription to the service, the necessary credentials shall be sent to you. To access Moza Net go to the Moza Banco page ( and log in to the customer area (top right corner), type your “User name” and your “User code” in the corresponding field.

Can I change my password ?

Yes. You can change your password after accessing for the first time (the first access must be done with the credentials supplied). Click on the Option “Customization -> Change Checking Code”.

What should I do if I forget my "Checking Code" or if the latter is blocked?

If you forgot your Checking Code, you must request a new one to one of our Business Units. If you remember your Code later, ask for it to be unlocked at a Business Unit.

Can I use Moza Net abroad?

Yes. All you have to do is access via a device with internet connection.

With regard to Companies' Accounts, can I choose and limit the users' access?

Yes. You can choose which collaborators have access to Moza Net as well as the type of access. You can choose their profile as well as validation options or just viewing/checking the account.

For additional information, visit one of our Business Units or contact our Moza Call Centre (82 20 20/ 84 20 20 20/ +258 21 342020 – international).

What is the risk of a Term Deposit?

In the case of Term Deposits, the invested capital is always guaranteed; there is no risk of capital loss. Nevertheless, if you withdraw the money before the deadline, there can be a total or partial interest penalty.

Do I have to physically go a Business Unit to hold a Term Deposit with Moza Banco?

Not necessarily. Among the different Term Deposit modalities, Moza offers a Moza Net Term Deposit; an exclusive deposit via Internet Banking and which does not require filling in forms, http://svdrswed03/pt/particulares/poupanca/depositos-a-prazo/mozanet/.

Is there a minimum amount to hold a Term Deposit with Moza Banco?

Yes. The minimum amount varies in accordance to the type of Term Deposit. You can hold a Term Deposit with a minimum of 500,00 MT, 5.000,00 MT or other amounts, all you have to do is choose the most adequate for your investment goals, http://svdrswed03/pt/particulares/poupanca/depositos-a-prazo/.


How is the interest calculation and payment done?

The interest calculation and payment vary in accordance to the type of Term Deposit that you hold. Its payment periodicity can be monthly, quarterly or a different one and it can be made the day following its holding or at the end of its term (maturity). Visit the following webpage to know more about our Term Deposits: http://svdrswed03/pt/particulares/poupanca/depositos-a-prazo/.

Can I deposit extra money in my Term Deposit at any time?

Yes. Some Term Deposit types allow you to do that with or without a minimum amount.

Can I use my Term Deposit before the maturity date?

Yes. Nevertheless, this is not possible for all Term Deposits. For some, the use in advance is only allowed at the end of a specific term and can imply total or partial penalties with regard to the period of time that has passed.

Can I hold Term Deposits in a foreign currency?

Yes. Nevertheless, only some Term Deposits can be held in another currency than the Metical.

Can I use my Term Deposit as Credit or Funding collateral?

Yes. Some Term Deposits have this advantage, usually up to 70% of the Credit Operation amount.

Which are the main characteristics of the Savings Accounts?

It is usually a long term remunerated saving account, automatically renewable with automatic capitalization and payment of periodic interest (monthly, quarterly or others).

It is the ideal solution to ensure the future of your child or for those who enjoy thinking about the future of their savings in the long term. Go tohttp://svdrswed03/pt/particulares/poupanca/contas-poupanca/to know more about our offer and start saving now.

For additional information, visit one of our Business Units or contact our Moza Call Centre (82 20 20/ 84 20 20 20/ +258 21 342020 – international).

Which types of Funding does Moza offer?

For you or for your business, Moza Banco offers a wide range of Funding solutions to make your dreams come true. Buy the car you have always wanted, remodel, buy or build your new house or fill in the casual treasury needs of your Company.

Which Funding Methods does Moza Banco offer?

For Individuals, we would like to highlight the different Leasing methods (Equipment, Property and Automobile) as well as the different Credits such as Consumer, Auto, Housing, Construction and Remodelling of properties.

With regard to companies, we offer flexible Credit solutions to Support your Treasury, whether it is to pay taxes, help your business grow or invest in your business.

Do I need to open an Account with Moza Banco to have access to Funding?

Yes. It is in that Account that the Credit granted is deposited and from it are collected the instalments.

Which is the best date to pay instalments with regard to Individual Funding ?

Ideally, the due date of the Funding instalment must be after your salary payment date.

Can I pay off or repay a Funding in advance?

Yes. Most Funding allow both options. In accordance to the type of Funding, you might incur fees. In case of in advance pay off or repayment, Moza Banco must be informed at least 15 days before the instalments’ due date.

Do I have to subscribe some kind of Insurance to have access to Credit?

Yes. It is mandatory to have an Insurance that varies in accordance to the Credit aim (Life, Auto, Multi-risks Insurance).

Which is the Leasing's main advantage?

Besides being a faster process with regard to its answer and subscription, it allows for the instalments to be lower because there is a residual amount (between 2% and 10%). At the end of the Contract, you can choose to buy the good by paying the negotiated Residual Value.

For additional information, visit one of our Business Units or contact our Moza Call Centre (82 20 20/ 84 20 20 20/ +258 21 342020 – international).

Until what age can I obtain an Automobile Credit or a Consumer Credit?

Automobile Credit and Consumer Credit are available for Customers between 21 and 60 years of age.

Which are the main functionalities of the Moza Banco's Mobile Banking?

The Mobile Banking is an electronic banking channel provided by Moza Banco allowing you to perform queries, intra and inter-bank transfers and request payment methods.

To access this application click here and download the application (requires connectivity to a wireless network or a mobile internet connection).

Mobile Banking is an electronic banking channel offered by Moza Banco that allows you to check your accounts, transfer money within the bank or to other banks and request payment methods   . To have access to this application, click here and download the application (you need a wireless internet or a mobile connection).

Which data do I need to make a Transfer to a foreign country?

To transfer money to a foreign country you need the IBAN (International Bank Account Number), name and address of the Transfer Beneficiary, as well as the Beneficiary Bank data (SWIFT Code, Branch, name and address) and indication of corresponding country.

When performing an international bank Transfer, does the beneficiary pay fees?

Not necessarily. Nevertheless, you need to communicate that information when you fill in the form for an international payment order and you can choose for the fees to be paid by the originator or by the "Beneficiary" in Mozambique or abroad.

Can I subscribe Insurances with Moza Banco, whether, or not, I hold a Funding with the bank?

Yes. Moza Banco has a vast set of "Life" and Non-Life" Insurances for you and your business. Go to http://svdrswed03/pt/particulares/moza-seguros/ for Individuals or to http://svdrswed03/pt/empresas/moza-seguros/ for Companies to know more about our offer.


Where can I find the Price List in force at Moza Banco?

You can access the updated Price List at http://svdrswed03/media/1157/precário-2015.pdf.

Where can I find the Moza Banco Confidentiality Policy?

You can access the Confidentiality Policy at (awaiting production from the Compliance and Legal Department).

Where can I find the Cookies Policy?

You can access the Cookies Policy at http://svdrswed03/pt/cookies/.

For additional information, visit one of our Business Units or contact our Moza Call Centre (82 20 20/ 84 20 20 20/ +258 21 342020 – international).