Moza Banco promotes ‘live shows’ as part of the fight against COVID-19

Moza Banco, in partnership with Instituto Camões, is sponsoring three live shows of Stewart Sukuma, one of the most renown Mozambican musicians. They are part of Stewart's project called "We're Home Together", whose purpose is to encourage people to stay longer at home and provide good moments of entertainment.

With social distancing, several artists have turned to the internet to communicate with their fans and offer entertainment. In this context, major brands also reinvent themselves and seek out video platforms to disseminate their work, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, through online transmissions.

It is in this context that Moza Banco decided to associate its brand with this global movement to fight Covid-19, encouraging social distancing, seen as one of the ways to mitigate the risk of contagion by the new coronavirus.

To this end, in partnership with Instituto Camões, the Bank has embraced the campaign "We Are Home Together", through which fans in particular and the general public enjoy good entertainment without having to leave home.

These are unique concerts, from the point of view of conception and realization, where the musician Stewart Sukuma interprets the best of his musical repertoire, in the company of renowned Mozambican and foreign artists.

"The purpose of this project is to encourage people to stay longer at home. It has been proven that social distance is one ways to fight this pandemic and, being at home, the public will enjoy the best of music using digital platforms, without having to leave home," said Stewart Sukuma

Moza, as a truly Mozambican bank, is proud to be associated with this initiative, as a way of contributing to the fight against Covid-19, promoting and supporting preventive measures for the virus, thus valuing life on the one hand, and arts and culture on the other

After the concerts of the musicians, Assa Matusse, Rodhália and Deodato Siquir, Stewart Sukuma will also present his fans, with a concert on May 9th, this time in the company of the consecrated Portuguese Jazz singer, Maria João. The third concert of this series is scheduled for May 25th, Africa´s Day and will have the special participation of the Senegalese musician Noumoucounda Cissoko.

You can follow these shows on the following online platform:


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